Autoverschrottung Frankfurt am Main

Autoverschrottung Frankfurt am Main

Get rid of your car in three steps - for free!

The car scrapping Frankfurt is done easily and in three steps for you. First of all, you should contact us so that we can arrange everything else for you. You can do this easily using the contact form on our website or by phone. We are happy to accept inquiries via WhatsApp. Our experienced employees are always available for you. We will then make an appointment. Either you bring the vehicle to us yourself or we can pick up the scrap car directly from you . There are no additional costs! Ideally, you should have deregistered the vehicle before contacting us.

Vehicle license, vehicle registration document and identity card are required so that the car scrapping Frankfurt am Main can be carried out. In the third step, we will dispose of the car for you. We pay attention to all guidelines and guidelines. Of course, you will receive proof of recovery. You will get rid of your vehicle this way within a few days. Our service is convenient - and 100 percent free!


Car scrapping in Frankfurt am Main in accordance with legal requirements

The car scrapping in Frankfurt am Main is carried out in accordance with the current requirements and legal requirements. This is important in terms of environmental protection and possible penalties. The auto recovery may in Germany a certified recycler be carried out by an authorized dismantling facility respectively. This is regulated in the End-of-Life Vehicle Act. Many dubious providers can be found on the Internet. They demand a large amount of money for the disposal in order to then comfortably rot the vehicle.

We distance ourselves from this approach! The car scrapping Frankfurt am Main is a professional specialist company that works according to strict guidelines and current laws. We guarantee an environmentally friendly recovery process. This ensures that most of the vehicle's recyclable materials are reused. All other materials are disposed of properly. Convince yourself of our car disposal and get an idea of our high quality work. Together we protect the environment!

Why is car scrapping in Frankfurt am Main important?

An improperly disposed vehicle pollutes the environment. If the oil pan rusts through or the brake lines become brittle, the dangerous liquids in most cases end up directly in the groundwater. The consequences for humans and nature are devastating. For this reason, the illegal disposal of a vehicle is associated with heavy fines. And who has to pay the fine? Right you! The final vehicle owner is responsible for the proper disposal of the car.

This also applies if you leave the recycling in the hands of a supposed specialist company, the responsibility remains with you. For this reason, it is important that you have a disposal certificate issued. So you are on the safe side. You will receive this certificate of destruction at the car scrapping in Frankfurt am Main . Another proof that we dispose of your vehicle professionally with the greatest care and a high level of security.

Car scrapping Frankfurt am Main: Use our advantages

Regardless of whether you have to scrap your vehicle due to an accident or whether it is getting on in years: With the car scrapping Frankfurt am Mainyou have found the right partner for this project. Our service is 100 percent free of charge for you and with no hidden costs. If you wish, we can collect the vehicle from you. We will issue you with proof of the proper disposal of your end-of-life vehicle. Thanks to our support, you can be sure that your vehicle does not pose a threat to nature. This will save you from possible fines for incorrect disposal. Our experienced employees are always at your side with advice and action. Contact us directly by sending us a message or calling us. We look forward to freeing you from your legacy!

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